If you have have a problem or difficulty when installing or using Grafx2, a bug to report, or you want to request a change or new feature : Please create a new Issue. You may want to first search the existing Issues though, maybe it has already been brought up. In that case, read the thread and don't hesitate to add a reply.

Mailing list

E-mail: ​

It's a public mailing-list, so be aware that your message and e-mail address will be visible at the ​Grafx2 google group.

The mailing-list is moderated by default, so you'll need to wait for a moderator to check that your message is not spam to green-light it. If you subscribe to the mailing-list itself, we can then white-list you so all your messages are sent immediately. You can choose to subscribe without receiving any message from the list : Just choose "No e-mail" in your subscription preferences.

To contact the project owners privately (bribe? :-D) see their usernames on the project's main page, and add


Use your favorite News aggregator to receive just the right level of information.

  • RSS E-mails of the mailing list
  • ​RSS Downloads : When a new file is uploaded
  • The Timeline has all the changes to tickets and sourcecode.

IRC channel

If you want to chat with us, you can join the #grafx2 channel on ​

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