Low resolution art

Pixel scalers

LCD displays look very bad when  using something else than their native resolutions, and low resolutions are very rarely supported or proposed.

If you find yourself squinting at your screen because pixels are too small and too close, Grafx2 can scale its own display to x2, x3 and x4, thus giving larger pixel units. This works as well in full screen mode than in a window. The whole display area of Grafx2 gets zoomed in: mouse cursor, menus, fonts. Since Grafx2 was designed in the era of MCGA, the minimum resolution for GUI windows is 320x200, so if you're running in 1024x768 you can scale to x3, You need at least 1280x800 to scale x4.

The scaling is done in software, so you won't get any blurring (linear interpolation).


In addition, Grafx2 can propose some non-square modes where it zooms differently on each axis: Wide modes and Tall modes.