GRAFX 2.00 Beta 96.5% (12/23/1999) - Xmas'99 release

  • Fixed: This version seems (is!) stable even with huge pictures. :)
  • Fixed: A few options on brushes kept modifying the continuity of the free-hand drawing mode.
  • Fixed: The "nibble brush" operation crashed sometimes.
  • Fixed: Remapping the screen after modifying colors in the palette editor displayed, in rare cases, unexpected pixels or even crashed. It didn't remap correctly the picture in "Magnify" mode, too.
  • Fixed: Catastrophic bug occuring when you "flood-filled" an area starting at the bottom of the picture.
  • Added: An option in GFX2.INI to tell if the number of colors used must be automatically calculated, and another one for the default video mode at startup.
  • Fixed: The colors of the menu are now correctly remapped when getting colors from the brush.
  • Added: Degas Elite's file formats (PI1,PC1,...) support.
  • Added: True-color BMP (Windows) and PCX images can be loaded. They will be converted to a 256-color image with palette optimization and Floyd/Steinberg? dithering. Note: some other true-color formats will be added in the next release.
  • Fixed: Loading corrupt pictures with null dimensions could crash.
  • Improved: Brush streching is now in "real time" (and snaps to the grid if "Adjust brush picking" is set).
  • Added: Brush rotation by any angle.

GRAFX 2.00 Alpha 96.3% (04/11/1998) - Lucky n' Tigrou Party 2 release

!!! Warning: possibly unstable version !!!

  • Improved: You can edit pictures bigger than 1024x768, and small pictures take much less memory, allowing to have many more undo pages!
  • Improved: The list of undo pages is preserved when you load a picture, modify its size, or just go to the spare page.
  • Added: You can "kill" a page (i.e. removing it from the list of undo pages).
  • Modified: The Settings menu has been reorganized.
  • Improved: The drawing mode is no more set to "discontinuous" by default.
  • Improved: The function to compute the best matching RGB color used in smooth, colorize, and some other operations has been strongly accelerated on 486 and Cyrix processors, while it should be about the same speed or very slightly slower on Intel Pentiums (II) than before.
  • Fixed: The program finally works under Windows NT (without dos4gw)!

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 96.1% (02/28/1998) - Volcanic Party 4 release

  • Fixed: File selector gauges don't bug any more when there are more than 584 entries :) in the current directory.
  • Fixed: The file selector _should_ hang no more on non-image (or corrupt image) files containing data that look like a known format signature.
  • Fixed: Old and horrible :) video bug. Most of the VESA video cards that displayed unexpected pixels (when moving the mouse for instance) should work better (perfectly?) now.
  • Fixed: The mouse correction factors didn't work properly.
  • Added: Quick-shade mode.
  • Improved: You can hide any menu that needs a color selection to pick up a color behind the window.
  • Added: A couple of new parameters in the GFX2.INI file.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 96% (11/03/1997) - Saturne (aborted) party 5 release

  • Added: Now, you can increase or decrease the size of the paintbrush. The default keys are [,<] and [.>] ([;.] and [:/] for azerty).
  • Added: Typing the first letters of a filename in file-selectors will place the selection bar onto it.
  • Fixed: Small but annoying bugs in the writing of the GFX2.CFG file in GFXCFG. The data concerning Shade and Stencil modes were destroyed.
  • Added/Improved?: It is now possible to define the matrix of the Smooth mode. We also seized the opportunity to improve the Smooth on the boundaries of the picture, and to improve the function that calculates nearest colors.
  • Added: The "Replace color" option that replaces all the pixels of the color pointed by the mouse with the paintbrush color. This tool is accessible by right clicking on the Floodfill button.
  • Improved: FloodFill slightly accelerated (especially with small surfaces).
  • Fixed: The picture was automatically zoomed when choosing a zoom factor in the menu if the Fast_zoom option was set.
  • Added: "Stretch brush".
  • Added: Now, you can move windows (menus) and even hide the palette menu for picking a color that is behind it (with the key just below <Escape> ).
  • Fixed: Small bug in "Menu_ratio=2" mode when remapping the screen after color changes.
  • Added: "Thin" cursor type (looks like VGApaint's one).
  • Fixed: A few video modes (Modes X with a height multiple of 224 and some others).
  • Added: It is now possible to select the colors that can be used for the smooth and transparency modes, and remapping.
  • Fixed: Clicking twice on the Lasso button did not restore the paint-brush correctly.
  • Fixed: the absolute coordinates option wasn't correctly saved in the .INI file.
  • Added: A few new parameters can be defined in the .INI file.
  • Added: "Copy palette to spare page and remap destination" option (accessible from the "Copy to spare page" menu (default: Shift+Tab)).

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 95.5% (09/04/1997)

  • Improved: SCx files with less than 256 colors are now supported.
  • Fixed: Bug when double-clicking on the Floodfill button.
  • Fixed: Bug when "flood-filling" with an effect with feedback.
  • Fixed: Bug when filling a vertical-1-pixel-wide area.
  • Fixed: Bug of the shape of the cursor when a window is open in magnify mode.
  • Added: Special cursor shape for the pipette.
  • Modified: The method to recenter the page when exiting magnifier mode (the picture recovers its position as it was before zooming).
  • Added: Linear Frame Buffer (VESA 2.0 LFB) supported.
  • Added: You can now load and save brushes (from the Brush FX menu).
  • Fixed: A few video modes (Modes X with a height multiple of 270).
  • Fixed: You couldn't save the configuration in the settings menu if the Auto-save option was off.
  • Improved: Polyform has now reached its definitive behaviour.
  • Added: Polyfill and filled polyform.
  • Added: Lasso (polyformed brushes).
  • Added: Concentric lines.
  • Added: GFX2.INI file (check its contents for new options).
  • Improved: GFX2.CFG file will have ascending compatibility with future versions from now.
  • Added: Some drawing tips have been detailed in the documentation files.
  • Improved: Pipette handling.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 95% (07/18/1997) - Wired'97 release

(It's GrafX2 creation's 1st anniversary! =D (...but still Beta :/) We wrote the usual "void main(int argc, char * argv[])" one year ago!)

  • Fixed: PCX files with odd widths should be supported now. (We fixed a bug in version 94.1% which added a new one) :(
  • Fixed: Small display bug in the grid of the Sieve menu.
  • Fixed: Oops! We forgot to remap the colors of the menu when loading a PAL file. That's stupid! :)
  • Improved: The number of predefined paintbrushes has been doubled.
  • Added: Outline and Nibble effects for brushes.
  • Improved: The "Brush grabbing", "Zoom" and "Pipette" options are no more stopped by hiding/showing the tool-bar.
  • Improved: Now, you can change the current color while drawing.
  • Improved: The "auto-set resolution" option works better.
  • Added: The 3 color components are displayed in the toolbar when you want to choose a color.
  • Added: A small preview of the color selected by the pipette is displayed in the tool-bar.
  • Fixed: GIF saving (the bug didn't corrupt the file but resulted in a file that wasn't as well compressed as it should have been).
  • Fixed: GIF loading doesn't flash any more on some pictures that were not corrupt; and LBM neither when loading is interrupted by user.
  • Added: Menu where you can choose what you want to copy to the spare page (pixels, palette, or both...).
  • Modified: The size of the palette editor has been very slightly reduced.
  • Modified: The Stencil is now taken into account when using the "Clear" button.
  • Improved: The "magnify" mode is finally displayed with a splitted screen where you can see both zoomed and unzoomed parts of the picture.
  • Added: Now, you can load a picture from the command line (type "gfx2 /?" for the syntax).
  • Added: The preview of a PAL file is now displayed in file-selectors.
  • Modified: The tool-bar has been reduced vertically by about 1/3.
  • Fixed: Bug in the Grid menu. (The user was able to enter a null grid step. Doh!)
  • Added: "Adjust brush pick" option.
  • Fixed: DP2e (LBM-"PBM") files (including new BBM files) with odd width are now loaded correctly.
  • Improved: LBM files are now saved with their exact width and not with a multiple-of-16 witdh (viewers that can't read these files are "badly coded" because we save them correctly).
  • Improved: The selector bar is now placed on last visited directory when you change directory.
  • Added: "Mask" drawing mode.
  • Added: "Smear" drawing mode.
  • Improved: "Shade" mode options (normal, loop, saturation).
  • Added: You can define if you want Feedback (or not) while drawing in the drawing modes (effects).
  • Improved: The amount of memory used for brushes has been reduced.
  • Improved: Scrolling lists speed slightly accelerated.
  • Improved: FloodFill? slightly accelerated.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 94.666% (03/20/1997)

  • Fixed: Statistics screen no longer displays that VESA 1.2 is not supported.
  • Fixed: A few bugs of no consequence.
  • Fixed: Bug in the mode-X initialization introduced in the previous version.
  • Added: It is possible to choose between Relative and Absolute coordinates in the settings menu.
  • Improved: The colors of the menu are now calculated from the current palette, so you won't have to be concerned by the colors of the menu any more.
  • Fixed: The VESA modes are no longer disabled for some video cards.
  • Imporoved: "Windows 95" keys are now usable.
  • Modified: We now use the EOS dos-extender Copyright (c) 1996 by Eclipse, so read carefully the docs if you can't use GrafX2 anymore.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 94.0|1|2% (02/13-23/1997) - ACE CD #4 & Volcanic3 releases

(These different versions were too close from each other to be separated in this file. Just check the last modifications to know which version you have)

  • Added/Improved: (approximative) HAM6 and HAM8 support in IFF(LBM) files, and improved compatibily with Amiga IFF files => should be total now.
  • Added: The absolutely useless :) CEL and KCF (KISS) file formats.
  • Added: The not much more useful SCx (ColoRIX) file format.
  • Improved: You can now use the keys to scroll the text in the Help.
  • Fixed: Small bug in the scrolling list of resolutions (1 extra line was displayed at the end of the list when current mode was 640x512).
  • Added: English user's manual translated into French (and corrected.. There can be bugs in text files :)).
  • Improved: Now, you can use the brush as an eraser by right clicking.
  • Added: X-Invert in the palette editor.
  • Fixed: Small bug in the reduce-palette function.
  • Improved: GIF saving strongly accelerated (finally!).
  • Improved: Shade mode completely modified (customized shades added).
  • Fixed: Tiny bug in the block definition of the palette editor.
  • Improved: Non-standard PCX files that don't reset the compression after each line should be supported now (at least for 256-color pictures).
  • Added: Undo in the Shade menu.
  • Added: Statistics screen.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 93% (12/12/1996)

  • Fixed: Bug that occured when approaching the borders of the screen in grid mode with the type of cursor used for brush grabbing.
  • Fixed: Small but annoying bug when saving files with a name of 9 characters.
  • Fixed: Saved PAL files no longer modify the picture's name (some mistake must have been done when we implemented the backup option).
  • Added: Now, you can stop the loading of previews by pressing a key.
  • Improved: Video cards that don't use the same VESA bank for reading and writing should now work correctly.
  • Improved: Frame displayed around the magnifier's preview.
  • Improved: Menu of resolutions completely modified, and many new modes added.
  • Modified: The default colors of the menu have been slightly lightened.
  • Improved: The whole configuration is now saved and reloaded in the settings menu.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 92% (11/27/1996)

  • Fixed/Removed?: Error message occuring when accessing a drive with no disk or so finally suppressed!
  • Fixed: BMP loading was almost completely bugged and it should now be completely debugged.
  • Fixed/Modified?: Set_palette routine (the previous one was fast but did not work with some weird cards that don't support a REP OUTSB).
  • Added: Multi-Undo.
  • Added: Backup (*.BAK) files.

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 91% (11/20/1996)

  • Fixed: Terrific bug in Help/Messages? (one line was too long and crashed the program!).
  • Added: Some new parameters for the settings.
  • Added: Now, you can automatically set the best resolution for the picture loaded and/or slightly adapt the picture to keep the colors of the menu (for those who want to use GrafX2 as a viewer).
  • Fixed: Bug that occured when you wanted to restore your previous brush while being in "grab brush" mode.
  • Added: English user's manual written (will be updated later, and translated into French).
  • Fixed: No more displays pixels out of the preview window when loading corrupt pictures.
  • Fixed: Small bug in LBM loading (for non-standard widths).
  • Fixed: Minor error when saving the original screen dimensions in PKM files. (we didn't save words with Intel conventions)
  • Fixed: Exactly the same bug for LBM (but with Motorola conventions)
  • Removed: No more saving the current palette when exiting the program (that was useless and boring when pictures had a weird palette).

GRAFX 2.00 Beta 90% (11/01/1996) - Wired'96 release

This version was 1st shown at the Wired'96 demo party in Belgium. We gave it to many people there, so let's start history from here. Note that there were a few different "90%" versions because we didn't want to change the number just for tiny bug-fixes.

GRAFX 1.0? -> 1.02 (09/??/1995 -> 07/??/1996)

Forget it!

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