GRAFX 2.7 (01/02/2020) - 8 bits are alive !

New Features

  • Allow relative directory bookmarks
  • C64 pixcen .GPX format support (loading only)
  • Amiga Extra Half Bright palette support
  • Sega Genesis/Mega Drive drawing mode
  • TMS9918 Mode 2 drawing mode (MSX, ColecoVision, SC-3000, etc.)
  • Load from/save to network neighborhood under windows
  • Support for loading the HP48 GROB format
  • Support for Atari ST TNY format
  • Support for Atari ST CA1 (CrackArt) format
  • Support for Graphos (Amstrad CPC Plus) format
  • Support for loading and saving autoloading C64 picture files
  • Support for loading and saving autoloading CPC picture files
  • Support for MSX Screen 2 pictures (.SC2)


  • keep mouse "captured" in window when the button is pressed
  • Win32: process Horizontal wheel event
  • Add tests to the automatic building process
  • Joystick support rework
  • Nintendo Switch port
  • add support for greek and hiragana/katagana characters in file names
  • many improvements in the documentation
  • build with the latest versions of recoil, lua, libtiff, libjpeg, etc.
  • Packbits optimization (used in IFF, PC1) for smaller files
  • Rotate brush now uses angles from -179° to 180°


  • handling of keyboard mouse emulation + mouse panning
  • Enable to close the application within dialogs
  • properly handle negative mouse coordinates
  • fix memory leaks
  • fix GIF saving (see #125)
  • fix loading of some unusual PNGs
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